US Highway 385, South Dakota

Closed - Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday
Open - Thursday and Friday 2 to 10pm
            Saturday and Sunday 11am to 10pm.



About Us

In March 2013, three cousins, Chris Livingston, Craig Hanson and Steve Reynolds took over the Big Chair Resort property decided to build a kitchen from scratch off of 385 North in rural South Dakota. Within three months, the trio renovated the resort’s restaurant into a pizza house. Transforming a seasonal bar into a year-round pub and pizzeria, Cousins Pub & Pizza at the Big Chair is a destination for local families and tourists alike.

Working in the restaurant business since he was 17, Steve Reynolds started out at a restaurant called Little Italy in Baltimore and graduated from Baltimore Culinary School in 1982. Chris Livingston has spent most of her life running businesses, and until the purchase of Cousins Pub & Pizza at the Big Chair, was running the Elks Lodge in Rochester, Minnesota. Craig has worked in publications and advertising for most of his adult career and used to run the Wonderbar in Casper, Wyoming.

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Stop by and have your picture taken at Cousins Pub & Pizza at the Big Chair

At Cousins Pub & Pizza at the Big Chair, we do our part to support the local community. We’re open all year, and we don’t close up when the tourists head home. We believe that serving our community isn’t just good business, it’s the right thing to do.


Cousins Pub & Pizza at the Big Chair is proud to serve Finnegans beer with other local favorites.

We believe that we are all responsible for creating healthy communities, that’s why Cousins Pub & Pizza at the Big Chair is proud to serve Finnegan’s beer. We are the only pub in the Black Hills to feature this charity based brewery. Based out of St. Paul, MN, Finnegan’s beer has set out to make a positive social change in the world. Every cent of profit from every Finnegan’s beer purchase goes to buying locally grown, fresh produce. The produce is then donated to food shelves for those who need them. In our case, these funds will go to Feeding South Dakota. We believe that business owners should have a commitment to their community, and we try to make good on that commitment every chance we get.

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